component sourcing and procurement

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Component sourcing and procurement

Sourcing is the key part of the procurement function. Our procurement engineers perform extensive market research in identifying and engaging the best supplier which also includes vetting, selecting and hiring, building and managing the supply chain for your goods or services. It requires effective strategic sourcing to find reliable, affordable and quality suppliers. We employ strategic sourcing which is the key to avoiding problems, mitigating disruptions and promoting the supply chain ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality. We maintain a very healthy chain of vendors and continually evaluate their quality and performance to provide top-notch services to our clients.

At Ark Circuitry, we are focused on finding the best suppliers, negotiating favourable terms with regard to lead time and payment, and maintaining good supplier relationships with key providers. This gives us a competitive advantage that lays the groundwork for procuring the goods and services your company needs, making the procurement process more streamlined and efficient. 

Procurement engineers collaborate with your designers/engineers to determine the equipment needed to complete manufacturing according to specifications, research vendors for that equipment, and then order it. We even source newer suppliers for your companies’ new procurement needs. Our focus lies on the product value rather than the cost.

We ensure all your requirements are met to complete projects on time and on budget.

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