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Turnkey Solutions

As Turnkey’ in PCB assembly refers to the ability of the supplier to handle all aspects of a PCB project, we strive to take the load off your shoulder and handle all your PCB needs required for your product. We are flexible in providing full or partial turnkey services. Our major turnkey solutions include sourcing and procuring parts and components to manufacturing the PCB itself. At Ark Circuitry we go the extra mile and specialise in custom designs of the PCB according to your specific requirement. We offer cost-effective and efficient solutions to assemble and test PCBs for your products(s). 

Offering services ensuring the product is Designed for Manufacturability makes us a reliable partner for your turnkey solutions. 

our services include:

To meet specialised PCB requirements, we deliver products on time without compromising on quality by continuously testing their reliability and accuracy. The PCBs will pass through a thorough inspection to ensure optimal performance.

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