Electro-mechanical Assembly

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Electro-mechanical Assembly

With our well-equipped facility, resources and experienced engineers, Ark Circuitry can deliver products that are custom-built to match your every requirement. The increasing complexity of electronic devices demands intricate PCB design with advanced functionality and reliability while keeping it cost-effective. Thus, we use our best endeavours to provide a range of services that include industrial design, product design and development, engineering capabilities and manufacturing. 

We have extensive knowledge of PCB capabilities, including rigid, flex, rigid/flex, SMT & through-hole processing, and mixed technology. With high-speed, precision machines, we can process components down to 01005 and fine pitch down to 0.3mm (BGA, QFN, QFP).

Industries served and applications

By incorporating mechanical power components to perform complex electronic functions, we can create a complete assembly for use in medical, defence, consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace and education fields. Our comprehensive services include cable harness assembly to transmit signal and electric power and complete product assembly (box builds) aimed at delivering finished products.

Tailor-made Box builds

We believe in customer-focused service and we provide solutions to your specific requirements to create a tailor-made electro-mechanical assembly. We offer full system integration in box builds to deliver a complete package in a customised enclosure. Our offering includes installation of PCBAs, AC & DC power units, digital interfaces, audio/video, insulation displacement, and other complex electrical systems and routing cable and wire harness assemblies into a single box build enclosure.

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