PCB Assembly and rework

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PCB Assembly

Ark Circuitry, a leading PCB manufacturer, provides the best EMS to its customers. We manufacture custom-designed and developed products using SMT, through-hole soldering or mixed technology for single to multi-layered PCBs. We have the capabilities to produce PCBs in small quantities, to design and produce prototypes or have large production runs for our clients.

For an electronic product to work efficiently, it relies mainly on PCB functionality, making us the best SMT manufacturer in India. Our in-house R&D department rigorously tests and evaluates prototypes before production. From an efficient production and soldering system to running automated optical or X-ray inspection, we take the necessary checks to ensure that the quality is maintained. 

rework pCB assembly

Reworking a PCB assembly typically involves repairing or refinishing a board. De-soldering and resoldering surface mount components usually improve a defective product. However, there could be other issues that require the PCB to be reworked:

Handling a PCB assembly involves intricacy and delicacy. Our assemblers are highly trained and experienced in handling and placing the PCB components and soldering joints with precision. 

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