Is BOM Identification for Electronics Designers important?

What is Bill Of Materials in electronics? The BOM is a crucial inventory of components needed for top-quality products. It guides procurement, production, and quality control, ensuring accuracy and consistency. It’s essential for successful board development, outlining all required components for assembly. Let’s explore the actual implications of BOM (Bill of Materials) at Ark Circuitry through this article At Ark Circuitry, we leverage the potential of Bill Of Materials(BOM). When clients turn to us for Printed Circuit Board assembly and fabrication, we embark on a comprehensive process that involves obtaining the BOM file specifying component placement, as well as the Gerber files that facilitate board design using the design software.                                           Here is the picture of BOM file Once we receive the files: We cross-verify the BOM file against the provided Gerber files to check if any anomalies exist or components are missing.  If anomalies are identified, we promptly consult with our customers and they rectify the issue or we assist in correcting the issues. Subsequently, we analyze the cost and estimated timeline for the fabrication process.  Next, we ensure accurate assembling of electronic boards by breaking down components, quantities and reference designators using Bill Of Materials (BOM). Why choose us? Our forte lies with our customers trusting us to build products of uncompromising quality while effectively managing costs. Together, we navigate the realm of cost management, ensuring optimal outcomes and customer satisfaction.  At Ark Circuitry, our in-house component procurement team ensures that we source the right parts on time, simplify procurement, procure sufficient quantities , and drive seamless production. In addition, we also cater to customers’ specific requirements, utilizing preferred manufacturers and parts to enhance features or address repair issues. How Do We Choose Our Suppliers? After a rigorous vetting process of suppliers we identify those offering high-quality components, establishing potential partnerships along the way. We ensure to review and grade the products to maintain quality.  For small product volumes, we procure raw materials or components from trusted sources like Mouser and DigiKey. Conversely, for larger volumes, we leverage our network of distributors to ensure efficient procurement. CE and ROHS certified or not? We advise customers to choose CE and ROHS certified components, for high-grade and durable components. Conversely, for customers seeking a cost-effective solution, we provide the option of purchasing components from suppliers who might not possess ROHS or CE certification. We prioritize the use of perfect aligning with their specific requests, thus offering flexibility in component sourcing.  In addition, we serve customers operating in various sectors, including medical-grade systems, space and defense industries, and automotive applications, who insist on CE, ROHS, IP65 or MIL Grade certified components.  Our customer engagement services: If customers approach us upon completing their design of a product, we suggest solutions to rectify mistakes if they have any or deliver outcomes based on their specifications.  We collaborate with customers who approach us at the initial stage by preparing the BOM to design the board, testing the board to ensure timely shipment.  At Ark Circuitry, we conscientiously assess and validate every aspect of component functionality and standards, from start to finish, ensuring a seamless process and delivering an efficient final product within the specified timeframe and witness your project come to life with precision and ease. Our services cater to clients interested in manufacturing products in India, with a focus on reducing costs while enhancing both the quality and efficiency of their production process.  Looking to design or fabricate a PCB?  Talk to us to know more.  Mail us on  Call us at +91 9176418660. Ark Circuitry is an integrated electronics design assembly and mass manufacturing service provider renowned for crafting end-to-end services that accurately align with your unique requirements. With our team of seasoned engineers committed to excellence, we provide reliable and high quality services! Facebook Twitter Linkedin Instagram Recent Blogs How to Reverse Engineer a Concept Board:A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners Regan May 15, 2023 How can you upgrade an existing product based on technological advancements or specific needs? Do … Read More How to Effectively run a Functional Test on a PCB? Suneyna February 17, 2023 A functional test is a quickest and most effective way to check an assembly function as designed. … Read More

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